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# What we do

Data Consultancy

We generate value by enabling you to monitor the performance of your business and steer daily based on actual insights. We can connect almost any type of data and use a variety of tools to keep the price low. No clue where to start when it comes to data? No problem! Let us help you. Here’s what we have to offer:

Automated Dashboards

An automated dashboard gives immediate insight in performance. We can integrate any type of data, Google, Shopify & more.

Sales Performance Analysis

A lot of our customers are on Shopify. We integrate and measure key insights such as repurchase across all your shops.

Customer Value Analysis

We analyse your customer behaviour to calculate lifetime value and help you identify drivers to increase value.

Data Translation & Literacy

Having trouble where to start? We understand both business and IT. Let us help you get your business insights from your data stack.

Financial Analysis & Forecast

We use scenario planning and extensive financial analysis to forecast your business' growth.

Go Data Driven

Main challenge once you have access to your data? Actually use it! We help you to start working data driven & make it fun.

# Products we offer

Some of our bestsellers. But we can custom build anything!



We bring all of your data together in your new one source of truth. Full revenue reporting based on Shopify/Woo/Magento + Bol/Amazon. Combined marketing insights across all your marketing channels incl. social channels but also Amzaon & Bol Ads. We build you a custom made infrastructure which is fit for the future with your own data warehouse. Wake up every morning to a fully automated view of your business KPI’s and make smart, data-driven decisions! Book a demo; includes;

  • Repurchase across shops
  • Orders
  • Revenue
  • Marketing spend
  • CPO
  • CAC
  • ROAS
  • CLV
  • etc..
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Using Klaviyo to increase your email marketing is great, and using the insights you can get from it is even better! We can build you a custom made dashboard with all the email marketing insights your organisation needs. With our dashboard you can get a full overview of all your Klaviyo accounts, review campaigns and flows across countries and over time. Use our unique comparison tool to do A/B testing and compare anything. 


Stop logging into multiple accounts and copy pasting exports. Book a demo! Includes:

  • Classic KPI’s such as open rate, CTR, conversion rate
  • Revenue and orders over time
  • Best performing campaigns
  • List performance
  • Open rates across hours/days of the week
  • Possibility to connect to Shopify data; showing what products were bought, new/existing customers, CLV from campaigns etc.
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Besides the fact that Gorgias is a perfect tool to manage your customer care department, it also holds a lot of insightful data. In our dashboard we provide the insights you need! We can even connect the dataset to your sales data.

CC essentials:

  • Open tickets & ticket to order ratio over time
  • Measure performance across teams & on agent level
  • Chat & Email custom SLA buckets
  • Insights into tags + tickets per channel & integration
  • CSR scores & answers (also per agent)
  • First response times (taking into account your business hours)
  • Add-on with cost per ticket & tickets per hour worked (agent level)


With our dashboards you can monitor the performance of your department over time, look back, but also use it on a daily basis to spot e.g. operational problems based on tags. The one and only overview you need!

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# Our clients

We can work with all kinds of data

# Reviews

What our customers say

Om een online business te managen zijn actuele inzichten in de staat van de business zoals omzet, voorraden onmisbaar. Insight first heeft voor ons alle marketplaces geïntegreerd in 1 dashboard. Ze hebben voor alle vragen en specifieke wensen een snelle oplossing die ons in staat stelt beter beslissingen te nemen. Highly recommended dus.

Bas Ploeger, POGS

Naast dat het team van Insight First heel kundig is in het opzetten van iedere denkbare weergave van onze cijfers, denken ze vooral ook erg mee. Ze begrijpen de business van binnenuit en kunnen daardoor proactief handelen. Daar we ons bedrijf voornamelijk sturing geven op basis van Insight First opgezette dashboards, is deze kundigheid belangrijk. Dit leidt tot de 100% vertrouwen die je wilt hebben in een partij die de input levert voor alle strategische beslissingen.

Martijn van Seters, Founder NUUD

Insight First heeft voor ons een custom dashboard gebouwd waarin alles samenkomt: back-end omzet, zakelijke CRM-data en alle marketingkosten. Eindelijk niet meer steeds kopiëren en plakken uit alle tools. Los van de inzichten die we uit het dashboard halen, is het ook gewoon fijn samenwerken met Insight First. De communicatie gaat soepel en vragen worden snel opgepakt. Thanks!

Andy Vinkenborg, Bambook
Insight First Insight First
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